How It Works

How It Works

your brand of good is about to take off

When you’re committed to making a difference and eager to get your brand of good off the ground, nothing is more infuriating than feeling like you’re stuck on the tarmac.

Urgently Good’s three-step approach will help your brand take off FAST.

Create a Flight Plan Urgently Good Brandan Eting


It all starts with Your Quick Win strategy session. This mind-opening, brand-unifying experience will help set your brand on the path to standing out, syncing up, and "clicking" with the right people. You'll fly out of here with a next-day brand strategy (or within a week for organizations). You can take this "flight plan" to go, or help your brand take off even faster and have the experts execute everything you need - in just one week.

Prepare for Takeoff Urgently Good


After Your Quick Win strategy session reveals what will help you build the brand you want, Urgently Good will execute your entire flight plan in just ONE week. For real. No late nights, no sweat equity, no hassle of doing it yourself. As we build your brand in a serious hurry, we’ll also help you create a marketing plan. Having a brand and knowing how to attract a crowd can transform everything (especially your bottom line). It's even better when you don't have to wait 6+ months for it.

Reach Cruising Altitude Urgently Good


Once it’s built, you can take off with your awesome brand and marketing plan. Or, you can continue working with Urgently Good to bring your brand up to cruising altitude. We’ll make sure you have what you need to market the heck out of your brand. Urgently Good will let you know before takeoff if/how we can help. The cost and timeframe (typically 2-4 weeks) is based on the complexity and sophistication of the designed collateral, templates, and strategy that will help your marketing efforts attract a crowd. It’s not exactly like putting your brand on autopilot, but it sure can feel like it.