It’s soooooo great that you want to do more good in the world. What you do matters, and people should care about it. But, if you’re working hard and not seeing the dollars, engagement, or membership you’d like, you haven’t given people a reason to care.

Maybe you’ve heard blogging or social is the way to go, tried it, and quickly realized that you have no idea what to post (or how anyone has time for it). Or, maybe you looked at someone else’s website, video, or print piece and thought, “If I had something that looked as awesome as that, I’d be attracting more people for sure,” only to get one of your own and see the same results as before.

It’s not the marketing activities you’ve tried or the things someone else has (that you lack) that’s causing your disappointing results. You’re just trying to solve the wrong problem.

Some branding and marketing firms will take advantage of that and make whatever snazzy thing you think you need. They’ll fill your request, rather than figure out what will work for you, leaving you in a cycle of trying to solve the wrong problem because it’s how they make asking them to make more stuff later. Other firms will solve part of your problem, which seems great at first. It is progress, after all. But, when you realize you only have part of what you need - and there’s a whole other to-do list to tackle, it can be massively confusing, frustrating, and overwhelming.

You’re too good for all that.

What you actually need is a complete solution that will help you be irresistible to the right people.

Oh, and you need it fast. No waiting 6+ months, and definitely no late nights, sweat equity, or hassle of doing it yourself. That stuff’s for the birds (no offense to the birds...obviously).

Good magicians typically don't reveal their secrets. So, when asked "How’d you do that?" Brandan usually responds, "Rather well, I thought."



Urgently Good uses a proven, 3-part Flight System to help you quickly figure out what will work for you so you can become THE thing people can’t resist. It’s a complete branding, marketing, and content solution, and it’s based on the science of how people fall in love. You’ll even have a talented team supporting you on every leg of your flight.

So, before you waste more of your limited resources building another website that’ll look nice but fail to turn browsers into community members, creating social ads that people will ignore, or sending emails and print pieces that’ll end up in the trash, make sure you:

  1. First, pinpoint a crystal clear message that will give the right people a reason to care and develop the positioning, messaging, and even visual identity you need to be unmissable and ready for brand departure;

  2. Next, build a fully-functional marketing engine, complete with the customizable templates you need, to immediately start motivating complete strangers to become engaged and loyal community members; and

  3. Then, design all the custom content and tangible materials that will keep your marketing engine running on autopilot so you don’t have to lift a feather.

Feeling frustrated people aren’t responding to your marketing? Struggling to explain what you do or why people should care? Want more dollars, engagement, or membership? Confused about what you really should do to make it happen?

Ready to embrace your goodness and figure out what will work for you? If you have the courage to fully embrace a noticeable, valuable, memorable, and actionable brand (in not only your messaging and visual identity, but also your organizational strategy, marketing, offerings, and content) - but don’t have enough time, staff, or in-house expertise to make it happen, Urgently Good can help. It’s where good brands take off - FAST.