Let’s face it... Networking events can be nice, but they tend to devolve into social chit chat. You have some snacks and leave with business cards but no tangible progress. Who’s got time for that when you’re trying to take things to the next level?

Not you.

Then, there are those workshops. You know the ones. You hear what you should do but not how to actually do it. Or, worse, you get great how-to advice, take tons of notes, and leave with soooo many awesome ideas. Then, you get back to your desk and promptly realize that, with everything else you have going on, you’ll probably never have the chance to get to any of it.

After living it herself, Urgently Good’s founder and brand strategist, Laura Stanik, decided to create an intensive, done-with-you, and affordable program that gets you results in real-time.

Women Piloting Brands is hands-on help, dedicated time to fast-track progress in a small group setting with other leading ladies focused on advancing more good. You’ll get the exact Flight System Urgently Good uses and live help implementing it from CEO and brand strategist, Laura Stanik. Whether you spend an evening or a day, Women Piloting Brands will have you flying away having made real progress.

So, yeah. There will be amazing women in the room and some tasty snacks. But, everyone is there for one reason... to help the good brand they love take off - FAST.

Learning what to do is one thing... Actually doing is another... So, let’s get to it!


The Urgently Good team is putting the finishing touches on the newest day-long program designed to help you take the guesswork out of being irresistible. You’ll get all the tools and templates you need - and live help from Laura and the Urgently Good team. Urgently Good offers this program one-on-one for $3000 (and up to $7,500 for large organizations). Get it all for $595...or better yet $295 when you score the early bird price. Limited to 30 women ready fly through pre-flight preparations and make brand departure a breeze.


Here are the basic requirements if you'd like to register.

You must be a woman in a leadership role who’s advancing more good.
You’re a business owner, downtown placemaker, or marketing communication director (for a business, cause, academic institution, or nonprofit). The work you do improves people’s lives. You’re part of creating a more vibrant downtown community, increasing access to education, raising funds for critical causes, or more broadly making life better. In some way, you prioritize people and/or planet in addition to (and in some cases above) profit. And, you’re ready for all that goodness to take off.

You must be ready to work, embrace advice, and move quickly.
These sessions are intensive. If you want to make progress fast, you can’t sit passively, worry about perfection, or spin your wheels venting about every problem you have. You must be ready to roll up your sleeves and do the work in front of you. So, if you’re someone who thinks you’ve got a problem nobody can solve or aren’t ready to accelerate your progress, this won’t be a good fit.

You must be nice.
Sounds obvious, but nasty attitudes, egos, and complainers are not welcome. This is not a competitive environment. It’s fast, but it’s not a race. And, everyone participating is facing challenges, which is why they’re part of the group. You’ll be surrounded by other awesome women and moving quickly to overcome obstacles. But, if you are someone whose glass is always half empty, who must be the center of attention, or who just needs to be “top dog” in every situation, then this is not the place for you.


What do you mean I’m going to get your exact system?
You’ll learn the tricks of the trade and be handed the same Flight System Urgently Good uses to help good brands take off - FAST. Most of the “heavy lifting” is already done for you. You’ll get fill-in-the blank templates that you can make your own so you leave with the hard work done. And, Laura will be there to walk you through every single step.

Is it really only for women? Why?
Yes. Believe it or not, women are still underrepresented in leadership positions. More than half of Americans haven’t worked somewhere with a female CEO or business owner. Crazy, right? Because there are so few leading ladies out there, some women feel like they have to outsmart one another just to secure one of the top spots. The worst right? So, instead of competing against each other, Laura wanted to create an opportunity for women to work together to create more seats at the coveted table for all the skilled women worthy of one.

How can I bring this program to a city near me?
Know a group of amazing leading ladies who’d benefit from a program like this but can’t make it to any of the locations currently available? Contact Urgently Good.