Get Off the Ground and Above the Clouds

Have Everything in 1-3 days

get off the ground and above the clouds fast

Be crowd ready in just 1-3 days

Urgently Good Brandan Eting

Want results NOW?  Don’t have enough time, staff, or in-house expertise to implement your new message? Get everything you need - all in-hand IMMEDIATELY.

No waiting 6+ months and definitely no late nights, sweat equity, or hassle of doing it yourself. That stuff’s for the birds (no offense to the birds...obviously).

Good magicians typically don't reveal their secrets. So, when asked "How’d you do that?" Brandan usually responds, "Rather well, I thought."

But, being crowd-ready in just 1-3 days is no illusion. So, here's the deal…

Urgently Good uses the three-step Grow for Good™ system to help you:

  • determine what matters most and how to make it happen (step 1),
  • immediately make the most of your new message (step 2), and
  • make sure you have everything you need to become THE thing people can't resist (step 3).

After Step 1, you’ll have a crystal clear message that matters, a flight plan, and the option of flying solo or accelerating your progress in a 1-3 day intensive that helps you tackle the remaining steps in record time.

How does it all happen so fast? Urgently Good does the majority of the work before your session(s) so everything is ready for your input. You'll have the team's full efforts, attention, and guidance as you (and any other decision-makers) provide feedback, make edits, and perhaps even smile for the camera. At the end of your 1-3 day intensive, you'll leave with all of the files, tools, and know-how - everything you need to immediately get off the ground and stay above the clouds for good.


  • 1/2 DAY
  • Focus on the fundamentals in HALF a day.

    Turn your irresistible message into the day-to-day words and images you need to immediately make the most of your new message. Often includes your elevator pitch, tagline, home page copy, "about" copy, boilerplate (perfect for print/web and news releases), and even headshots or other web/print-ready photos to help express your message and personality. All ready to go live in a few short hours.

    Requires a half day (9am-1pm) of your time. Includes up to 4 hours with the team and all the tools, templates, and files you’ll need to move forward. A favorite among individuals and organizations looking to quickly address the fundamentals needed to embrace your new message.

    Make takeoff a breeze


    *Individuals may apply previous payment from the Quick Win to this cost


  • 1 DAY
  • Get all of Your Must-Haves in ONE day.

    In addition to the fundamentals that will help you immediately transition to your new message, you'll also learn how to systematize your marketing and protect the brand from the unexpected. Because, what's the use of having a message that matters if you aren't sure how to attract a crowd - and keep attracting a crowd - once your message is off the ground? You'll map out a marketing plan and even leave with an "emergency script" so that what you do matters - over and over again - to the ideal person and you know exactly what to say along the way.

    Requires one day (9am-5pm) of your time. Includes up to 8 hours with the team and all the tools, templates, and files you’ll need to get off the ground, above the clouds, and on the minds of the right people. This package fills the needs of most individuals and organizations looking to quickly embrace their new message and attract a crowd without wasting already limited time and resources.

    Be wheels up in a day


    *Individuals may apply previous payment from the Quick Win to this cost.


  • 3 DAYS
  • All of Your Must-Haves  - all ready to copy, paste, and post in THREE days.

    Leave with your day-to-day messages, photos, repeatable marketing system, and "emergency script" PLUS all the bells and whistles you'll need to implement your marketing plan. From automated email series to web copy, print materials, and even videos, you'll have everything you need in a serious hurry.

    Requires three days of your time (9am-5pm) over two weeks to allow for shooting and editing. Includes up to 20 hours with the team; a makeup artist on site for video and photo shoots; and all the tools, templates, and files you’ll need to get off the ground, get above the clouds, and stay there. It's not exactly like turning on autopilot, but it sure can feel like it.

    Reach cruising altitude 


    *Individuals may apply previous payment from the Quick Win to this cost.