Quick Win

Your Quick Win

get on the runway in a serious hurry

Step 1 Get on the Runway with Urgently GoodYour Quick Win will get your message to the point - FAST.

There’s no question that people should care about the work you’re doing. It matters. The hard part is figuring out how to ensure it matters to them. The secret is positioning what you’re doing as a noticeable, memorable, valuable, and actionable answer to the question “How will this help me?”

Your Quick Win will help you (finally) have an irresistible answer that will have people asking themselves “Why haven’t I done this yet?!”


Designed to clarify your vision, sharpen your focus, and extract your unique point of view, Your Quick Win addresses key questions like:

  • Is your message original?
  • Does it magnetically attract the right people?
  • Is it immediately important and relevant?
  • Does it effectively direct them to a desirable next step?
  • Are you doing it all with a personality that’s distinctly your own?
  • Does what you’re explicitly saying match what you’re actually communicating?

The time you spend in this session will have you thinking about the work you do and the way you talk about it in new ways. The Urgently Good team will guide the discussion, take in all the goodness you share, and turn it into a crystal clear message that people will notice, appreciate, remember, and act on.


You’ll immediately get to see your “it” factor score, which gauges the strength of your current message and helps identify your biggest opportunities to make your message more noticeable, memorable, valuable, and actionable moving forward. Within hours of concluding your session, you’ll have in-hand a "flight plan" with the positioning, personality, organizational strategy, core message, and next steps that will give people a reason to care. You'll even have a chance to debrief with the team. Talk about a quick win.

This “flight plan” is the foundation for all of your future efforts. From your marketing communications - including your tagline and elevator pitch to advertisements, emails, headlines, presentations, videos, and so much more - to your programming, fundraising, and/or sales process. Having a message that matters and knowing how to use it is what will help you take a direct route to some clear blue skies so you stand out and render the competition irrelevant.

Feel free to take your "flight plan" and fly solo. Or, be wheels up even faster when you get everything you need - all in just 1-3 days - so you can become THE thing they can’t resist in no time. Could you use some help taking off faster? Learn more about steps 2 and 3.

  • Individuals

  • $1,500
  • 2-hour session

    immediate "it" factor score

    “flight plan” (delivered within 24hrs)

    1-hour debrief 

    Ideal for solopreneurs, 1-3 person organizations or service businesses, and those developing a personal brand. You don't need input or buy-in because you’re the sole decision-maker, and you’re seriously ready to make some decisions. (You may apply the Quick Win cost to any package moving forward)

  • Organizations

  • $5,500
  • multiple sessions (6-8 hours in 1 day)

    immediate "it" factor score

    “flight plan” (delivered within 72hrs)

    2-hour debrief 

    Ideal for businesses and organizations that have been in operation for a number of years. In addition to you, there will be other stakeholders (e.g., staff, customers, clients, donors, volunteers, board members) involved in the process. Those with multiple locations or decision-makers may require additional days.