Meet the Team

Meet the Team

get to know the dream team behind all this good stuff

Unlike most branding and marketing firms that make whatever you tell them and take 6+ months to do it, Urgently Good gets messages that matter off the ground in 1-3 day intensives and only works with individuals and organizations committed to making a difference. To ensure you have the right team of partners guiding you every step of the way, Urgently Good will assemble a select group of experts, many of whom operate their own highly successful companies, which means you get the dream team you deserve. Below are just a few of the folks you'll likely meet along the way.

Laura Stanik

Laura Stanik

founder and brand strategist

Laura’s on a mission to make social good the standard.

Although an avid beach lover, Laura has always kept her toes off the ocean floor. When asked as a young child what a sea lion feared most, Laura matter-of-factly answered, “crabs,” in front of an amused audience at the San Diego Zoo. Laura later witnessed barges dumping garbage into the Atlantic and realized crabs probably shouldn’t be her top priority.

It blew her mind that people were intentionally polluting the ocean. Seriously, why did anyone think that was a good idea?!?! Of course, she quickly learned that rubbish is just one of the many mind-boggling circumstances in the world. Ever since, she’s been on a quest to understand what motivates people’s decisions so she can help prompt choices that advance more habitable surroundings and nurturing societies.

Before founding Urgently Good in 2017, Laura spent her career leading brand strategy and cultivating engaged and philanthropic communities for organizations like United Way and public and private universities. She’s branded and marketed all kinds of good - from events and fundraising campaigns to individuals, organizations, programs, and volunteer opportunities. She’s even won some awards along the way.

These days, Laura works one-on-one with individuals and organizations, empowering them to quickly build and amplify their brand of good. In her spare time, she loves playing outside (yeah, adults can do that) and spending time with her husband, their two cats, and their 30-something-year-old newt, Wayne (because, other than Isaac, that's just what you name a newt).

She’s always good for a crisp high-five and still prefers to keep her feet off the ocean floor. You can find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Brandan M. Eting

Brandan M. Eting

celebrity spokesbird and co-editor of The #StrategyMoment Blog

Ever an early bird, Brandan emerged from his egg three days ahead of schedule and fully ready to get some good crackin’. Nearly independent when first hatched, Brandan has always looked outward, seen beyond the present, and imagined what could be. It’s that outlook that led him to be a frequent flyer who’s traveled the world.

For eggxample, Brandan’s been to all 50 US states and several countries. Although he struggles to pick one favorite place to visit, he sure does hit up the Canary Islands’ near perfect year-round temperatures quite a bit. Through his travels, Brandan’s gained an international perspective and learned to see many sides of a story. It’s also helped him realize that winging it is never really a solid strategy to improve conditions since so many issues are interconnected.

Before joining Urgently Good, Brandan worked as a message carrier and spokesbird for a prominent communication platform that enables global conversations. He loved the work, but like so many marketing communications professionals, he was spread way too thin and completely overwhelmed being busy and not productive. His challenging experiences do make for killer #StrategyMoment topics, though.

Fair warning, how frequently birds are portrayed as being stupid is aviary sensitive issue for him so you should probably avoid phrases like “for the birds,” “bird brain,” and “give someone the bird” when you see him. Don’t let it ruffle your feathers too much; he’s one of the nicest birds you’ll ever meet.

Like Laura, Brandan’s usually the first on the dancefloor (and last to leave). The dude loves to shake his tail feathers. He's also a big fan of illusionists and is getting pretty good at a few tricks of his own.

You can find him on Instagram. He’s just that kind of bird.