About Urgently Good

About Urgently Good

where good brands take off - FAST

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At Urgently Good, your brand of good can take off - FAST.

If you’re committed to making life better and are looking to launch or take your brand to the next level in a hurry, Urgently Good’s NJ-based team of brand strategists will empower you to quickly build and amplify your brand of good. In addition to a next-day brand strategy (or within a week for large organizations), you can fly out of here with everything you need to help your brand soar in as few as just one, two, or four weeks.

Seriously. You’re realllllly busy doing good. So, skip all the late nights, sweat equity, and hassle of DIY-ing your brand. That stuff’s for the birds (no offense, to the birds...obviously).

Urgently Good is for you if you:

  • Hate the idea of having to wait six+ months to stand out, sync up, and wow the heck out of people like never before;
  • Are sick of your brand blending in, tired of blindly copying what other brands are doing, and ready to figure out what will work for your brand;
  • Have just plain had it with all the busyness in your day that has you jumping from one task to the next without being (or knowing for sure that you’re being) productive and making real progress with your marketing communications;
  • Are looking for more than design - you want an experienced partner who will guide you every step of the way and help you develop a cohesive message and integrated strategy to achieve your desired results; and
  • Prioritize people and/or planet in addition to (and perhaps even above) profits.

Make no mistake, Urgently Good is all about helping you transform your bottom line.

Whether you need to draw a crowd to an event, drive program enrollment, hit a fundraising target, or make a solid profit, Urgently Good will figure out how to help you get there and (finally) realize the full potential of every brand interaction.

It does seem super unfair, though, that resource-rich brands currently are besting urgently good causes like yours for people’s attention. The good you’re advancing is waaaay more important than shareholders making more money. That’s why Urgently Good works exclusively with associations, educational institutions, nonprofits, placemakers, solopreneurs, and all those on a mission to advance social good.

Now then, there’s no time to be waiting on the tarmac when you’re trying to make a difference. Let's get your brand off the ground.